Get Wild! helps connect you to restaurants in Tofino that sell exclusively wild, not farmed salmon.

We partner with local chefs & businesses who proudly serve exclusively wild salmon.

Registered Restaurants:


Why Get Wild?

Wild salmon is a cherished food here in Clayoquot Sound, and throughout coastal BC. Locals take pride in wild salmon and celebrate the seasonal bounty and healthy source of protein that salmon bring. With such an interconnectedness between people and salmon, comes the recognition that this beautiful species must be protected. By choosing to Get Wild! rather than purchasing farmed salmon, you are making the ecologically responsible choice for this beautiful wild coast.


What is Get Wild?

Get Wild! is an educational program with the goal of protecting wild salmon, by encouraging people to ask for and purchase only wild, not farmed salmon. Situated in the coastal community of Tofino, on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Get Wild! recommends restaurants and food vendors here in Tofino that choose to serve exclusively wild pacific salmon.

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Bear in mind…

Wild salmon is a seasonal food to be celebrated and savoured with respect. Sometimes, wild salmon may not be included on the menu or shelves of a Get Wild! registered business. In this case, your server or vendor can recommend other seasonal seafood for you to enjoy.



Random, bi-annual DNA testing will be carried out to ensure you have confidence that you are ordering and eating wild, not farmed salmon.

By choosing to Get Wild! rather than purchasing farmed salmon, you are making the ecologically responsible choice for this beautiful wild coast.


Q. Doesn’t eating farmed salmon reduce pressure on wild salmon?

One might think that farming salmon gives their wild relatives a break. However, farmed salmon (being carnivores), are fed wild forage fish—resulting in a net loss of protein and adding to ocean species depletion.

Q. How can we protect wild salmon by eating them?

The mission of Get Wild! is not to encourage endless consumption of precious wild salmon. Rather, this program aims to open up the dialogue around the challenges posed to wild salmon by open-net pen salmon farming.

Another key goal of the program is to address the lack of education and awareness surrounding seasonality and availability of the five species of Pacific salmon.

Q. What’s so bad about fish farms?

Open-net pen salmon farms pollute the ocean, spreading deadly disease and parasites to Clayoquot Sound’s endangered wild salmon.


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Clayoquot Action is a Tofino-based conservation society. For 25+ years, its founders have led many of the most important fights to protect this awe-inspiring place. Our strategic, people-powered campaigns help Clayoquot Sound remain one of the most beautiful places left on Earth.

Clayoquot Action recognizes and supports the indigenous rights and title of the Hesquiaht, Ahousaht, and Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations, the first peoples of the lands and waters now called Clayoquot Sound.

Photos courtesy of: Tofino Photography, Lummi Island Wild (lummiislandwild.com), BCSMC (www.bcsalmon.ca), Sobo and Sander Jain Photography.